Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Mayhem!

Howdy all,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Monday 11/21 The Streatery was down at KBOI Channel 2 for our cooking gig and we did Thanksgiving on the truck.  The KBOI crew was kind enough to give me some extra time and Adam, J and I busted out a full Thanksgiving menu.  I have posted the recipes below in case you get excited and want to give the dishes a shot.

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

Turkey, Whole x 1 Each
Parsley x 1 Cup
Shallot x 4 Each
Garlic Clove x 5 Each
Thyme x 10 Sprigs
Sage x ¼ Cup
Vegetable Oil x 2 Cup
Kosher Salt and Pepper x To Taste
Onion x 1 Each
Carrot x 1 Each
Celery x 4 Stalks

Remove the leg and thigh from the turkey and reserve for confit.  Combine the parsley, shallot, garlic, thyme, sage and vegetable oil in the blender.  Puree until smooth and add salt and pepper.  Rub the turkey breast down with the herb goodies inside and out and refrigerate overnight. 

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Rough chop the onion, carrot and celery and place in the bottom of a baking pan.  Rub the turkey down with the herbage again and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Place on the bed of vegetables.  If the turkey tries to roll around cut a potato into quarters and use to shim the bird in place.

Roast the turkey in the oven until golden brown then turn the oven down to 200 degrees.  Continue to cook the turkey until an internal temp of 155 degrees.  Pull the turkey out and let rest for at least 30 minutes.  Enjoy.

Smoked Oyster Stuffing

Cornbread Croutons x 2 Bags
Smoked Oysters x 1 Can
Yellow Onion, peeled and chopped x 1 Each
Carrot, peeled and chopped x 1 Each
Celery Stalk, chopped x 4 Each
Parsley x 1C
Turkey or Chicken Stock x 1.5Qt
Instant Gravy x 1/4C

Bring the stock to a simmer in a sauce pot.  Meanwhile, add the onion, carrot, celery and parsley to a food processor.  Process until finely chopped.  Add the oysters and pulse to break them up.  Add the veggie mix to the stock and simmer until the carrot bits are tender.  Add the instant gravy.  Place the croutons in a small baking pan.  Pour the goodies over the croutons, mixing well.  If you prefer dry stuffing, less juice.  Wet stuffing, more juice.  Stir the croutons and pop in a 350 degree oven for 8 minutes.  Check consistency and add juice if you like.  Season to taste and serve.

Turkey Gravy

White Wine x 1Qt
Thyme Sprigs x 1C
Whole Peppercorns x 1/8C
Sage x 1/4C
Turkey or Chicken Stock x 2Qt
Instant Turkey Gravy x To Thicken

Combine the wine, thyme, peppercorns and sage in a large sauce pan.  Reduce over low heat by half.  Add the Stock and Reduce by a third.  Slowly whisk in the instant gravy until lightly thickened.  Simmer for another 5 minutes over low heat stirring often.  Strain and serve.

Turkey Leg Confit

Turkey Leg x 2
Granulated Sugar x 2C
Kosher Salt x 2C
Ground White Pepper x 1Tbsp
Bacon Fat and Vegetable Oil to Cover

Combine the salt, sugar and pepper completely.  Place a layer 1/3” thick in the bottom of a container.  Lay the turkey legs on the cure and dump the rest on top of the legs.  Refrigerate overnight.

Rinse the cure off the legs and dry in paper towels.  Place in a single layer in the smallest baking pan they will fit in.  Add bacon fat and vegetable oil (not corn oil) until the legs are covered.  Cover the pan with a sheet of parchment paper and wrap tightly in aluminum foil.  Cook at 200 degrees for 8 hours. 

If you are going to hold on to the legs for a while leave them in the oil.  You can heat them in a low oven to melt the oil and then drain it off when you need them.  If serving right away, let cool to room temperature and drain the oil off.  Gently remove them from the pan and place on a baking tray.  Broil until the skin is golden brown and serve.

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes, Peeled and Chopped x 5#
Russet Potatoes, Peeled and Chopped x 3#
Sour Cream x 1/2C
Unsalted Butter x 1/2C
Kosher Salt x To Taste
Ground White Pepper x 1/2tsp.

Combine the potatoes in a large pot and fill with hot water.  Add 1/8C Kosher Salt and bring to a simmer.  Simmer the potatoes until tender all the way through and drain and let rest for 5 minutes.  Run the potatoes through a food mill and add sour cream and butter.  Fold in the dairy until completely combined and season to taste with the Kosher Salt and White Pepper.  Hot Hold until needed.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and please let me know how things turn out!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Schedule for the upcoming Future!

Howdy all,

So here is our upcoming event schedule.  We are shifting to a catering/food truck rally/holiday market mode so this schedule is made further out than usual!

Saturday 10/29:
We are catering a birthday party and a Halloween Party!

Saturday 11/5:
The truck will be set up at The Wintry Market at the Ballet Idaho Building on 9th and Myrtle.  We will be serving from 11am-5pm and will also have Bristol Bacon and Pumpkin Bisque available as retail purchases.

Sunday 11/6:
Once again, hitting up The Wintry Market.  Did I mention Jacques Torres style "Wicked" Hot Chocolate?  Our house blend of Hot Apple Cider?  11am-5pm, Ballet Idaho Building on 9th and Myrtle.

Friday 11/11:
Food Truck Rally!  Keep Posted for details on the latest and greatest Food Truck Rally of Boise.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Schedule for the Week 10/16-10/22

Happy Tuesday folks,

For the next couple weeks I am keeping an eye on Brick 29 Bistro in Nampa.  The truck will be doing caterings only for the next couple of weeks.  Following that, we will be at The Wintry Market and a Food Truck Rally the second week of November.  Additional dates will be forthcoming.

Cheers and Thanks for Everything,

B29 Streatery

Monday, October 10, 2011

Schedule for the week of 10/9-10/16

Howdy all,

So it's been a pretty hectic week.  The blogosphere has blown up a bit regarding the "Ode to Pig's Feet" post and the Pied du Cochon "hot dog."  I've been called an Evil Genius which is probably the nicest thing anyone's said to me all week.  I am waiting for the backlash to start any second. 

Oh, I am also starting a reoccurring gig every Monday morning with the KBOI Channel 2 Morning Show.  J Bates and I will be cooking in the truck every Monday between 6 and 7am.  Last week was Pan Roasted Steelhead Salmon with Curly Kale and Baby Turnips.  This week was Eggs Benedict with Alaskan Lox and Sage Hollandaise.  Both of the videos can be found on the B29 Streatery Facebook.

In case you haven't noticed, the Streatery is not on the streets quite as much.  We are switching over to a catering format for the colder, wetter months.  If you are really hurting for some Streatery grub, you have a couple of options.  We will be at all the Truck Rally's hosted by Payette Brewing Co, Boise Weekly and Radio Boise.  Or, you can use us to cater your next event!

Schedule for the week:
10/9:  Idaho Botanical Gardens Harvest Festival

10/10:  KBOI Morning Filming

10/11:  Truck is down

10/12:  We are booked for a private function

10/13:  Truck is down

10/14:  Truck will be serving lunch from 1-2pm at St. Mark's Catholic School on Northview and Cole

10/15:  Truck will be serving lunch from 1-2pm at St. Mark's Catholic School on Northview and Cole

10/16:  Truck is down

Thanks again and we'll see you out and about!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Schedule for the week of 10/2-10/9

What's up all,

Schedule for the week:

Thursday 10/6:  Food Truck Rally at 4th and Grove from 5pm-10pm

Saturday 10/8:  Idaho Botanical Gardens Harvest Fest

Sunday 10/9:  Idaho Botanical Gardens Harvest Fest

Thanks for playing!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Ode to Pig's Feet


Thursday was the night of the 13th Annual Chef's Affaire at The Boise Center on the Grove.  My team and myself were fortunate to be involved in this event this year.  I was the captain of the first course and the fourth course.  We had a lot of fun and we definitely had our share of craziness (mostly caused or initiated by me). 

For the first course we served Manchego Veloute with Double XL Pork Trotter Croquette, Arugula and Fennel Gelee.  Much to my chagrin, this was quickly translated to "Ham and Cheese Soup".  The fourth course was a Pomegranate and Koenig Huckleberry Vodka "Otter Pop".  More on the Otter Pop later.

I was pleasantly surprised by the response to the Pork Trotter Croquette.  It is not very often that the elite of Boise get served Pig's Feet, even ones given the love and care that these were.  I used a process learned from Daniel Boulud's restaurant DBGB, where the foot is brined in a corned beef brine, cooked sous vide for 30 hours minimum, shredded, rolled, portioned, breaded and deep fried.  All this effort for the humble pig's foot.

In addition to being tasty, pig's feet serve a valuable lesson.  For every 2 pork loins, there are four feet produced.  For every 2 pork tenderloins, there are 4 feet produced.  There are 2 cheeks, 2 ears, 1 tail produced for every 4 premium subprimals.  These are edible pieces of pork.  In fact, these are the tasty bits.  What we don't realize is that if a pig farmer can't sell these pieces, it drives the price of the premium cuts up.  The so called offal or undesirable parts of the animal cost just as much to raise as the tenderloin. 

One of the largest hurdles to converting to a sustainable agricultural model is how to make it affordable across all economic models.  I suggest a very simple solution:  eat feet.  Eat ears.  Eat noses and tongues.  Eat the other 1/3 of the animal that is currently going in the trash or to animal feed.  All of these off cuts have strong culinary traditions behind them, and not just in "ethnic foods".  We as Americans have very strange concepts of what is an acceptable foodstuff.  Americans will eat fast food, but say "yuck" to ears and feet grown by local, sustainable and organic farmers.  I am just as guilty as the next person, if not more so.  I regularly eat whatever is shoved out a window at me.  I use the excuse "I don't have time to cook".  But if I hit up Los Betos after a 15 hour day on the truck, do you know what I am eating?  Tacos de Lingua.  Not out of perversity, but because they are really good.

If we as consumers eat the off cuts of our local and sustainable products, it will do two things: continue the demand for the product but it will also help to moderate the price of the premium end.  The vast majority of farmers are not gouging us on loins, chops and premium cuts because they can.  They are recouping the losses of offering a premium product that isn't being fully utilized.  And if they are gouging us, we will know.  Then we can shift our purchasing power to a producer who is able to moderate pricing.  It's a win-win. 

This doesn't only apply to pigs.  We as Americans drastically underutilize our beef, poultry and other livestock.  We buy beets at The Capital City Market and then throw out the tops.  Then we buy swiss chard to serve with our beets.  FYI - Swiss Chard is a non root producing variety of beet. 

We need to start eating feet as a nation.  We need to start eating hearts, cheeks, liver, ears, and tongue.  Eat weeds.  Eat tops.  As Anthony Bourdain puts it, "eat the nasty bits."  Our current eating habits are just pushing the ideal of sustainable eating further towards the few and away from the many. 

Now this as a cook lends a certain dilemma.  These bits and pieces aren't easy to cook.  Take the process to make pig's feet.  This was a lot of work.  I didn't have to slice a steak and slap it on the grill.  That's a quick $20-$30, where pig's feet go for $8-$12 in a best case scenario where I am actually, you know, selling pig's feet.  To you guys, who are eating pig's feet.  The math is pretty clear.

Cooks have to step it up.  We have to offer these products, and prepare them with enough skill that an adventurous skeptic will become an avid fan.  This requires dedication, a capital investment and practice.  Tongue isn't expensive, but screw it up 4 or 5 times and it starts to add up.  It really adds up on the time end, where proper preparation can take hours or days.

This isn't the final solution, but it will progress us towards the goal of sustainability. 

Oh, by the way.  The Pomegranate and Huckleberry Vodka Otter Pop won best course at the Chef's Affaire. 

B29 Streatery, serving Pied du Cochon "Hot Dog"s at the Food Truck Rally on Thursday, 4th and Grove.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Schedule for the week of 9/25-10/2

Good evening my friends and followers,

A few notifications about this week:  I got a late start due to an unexpected emergency (who expects and emergency?) and am now catching up.  The truck won't be serving a la carte until Sunday due to some routine repairs being made.  Thursday I am the captain of 1.5 courses at The Chef's Affaire, which is a fundraiser for the Idaho Food Bank.  I have no idea if there are tickets still available but hey, it's worth a shot.

What I am making:  Manchego Veloute with Double XL Farms Pork Trotter Croquette, Arugula and Fennel Gelee for the first course.  Then I am making the intermezzo which is a Pomegranate and Koenig Huckleberry Vodka "Flavor Ice".

The schedule:
Sunday 9/25:  Dog Days of Summer at Sawtooth Wineries.

Monday 9/26:  Truck is down for maintenance.

Tuesday 9/27:  Emergency Day.

Wednesday 9/28:  Working on a very exciting potential opportunity.

Thursday 9/29:  Chef's Affaire at Boise Center on the Grove.

Friday 9/30:  Got a private catering.  Miss the Streatery?  Book us for your next event or party!

Saturday 10/1:  Truck is down for the day to finish up maintenance.

Sunday 10/2:  We are a concessionaire at the Children's School Fall Carnival in the North End.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Locations for the week of 9/18-9/24

Sunday 9/18:  Last day of Hyde Park Street Fair.

Monday 9/19:  Inadvertently took the day off by locking myself out of my vehicle and my apartment.  Solution - walk to Barnes and Noble!

Tuesday 9/20:  Do everything I was supposed to do on Monday.  Sorry 2C Courthouse, we will not be making an appearance.

Wednesday 9/21:  Lunch at the KTVB Studios on Fairview in Boise.

Thursday 9/22:  We will be doing a private catering.

Friday 9/23:  I've got a dropoff catering, a lunch catering and a dinner catering in Eagle.  Yippee!!!  Risotto with Idaho Morels!  Not for public sale!  Book a catering!

Saturday 9/24:  Want your Idaho History to have a little more interactive character?  Come down to the Museum Comes to Life at Julia Davis Park!  Yes, we will be there.

Sunday 9/25:  Dog Days of Summer at Sawtooth Winery!  Come see the dogs and drink wine and eat with us!  Did I mention the dogs?

B29 Streatery, watching persons with alterative life styles eating "reclaimed" french fries since 2011.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Locations for the (rest) of the week 9/11-9/17

Thursday 9/15:
The truck goes into Purgatory at Camel's Back Park for the Hyde Park Street Fair.  Getting set up for opening on Friday.  We've also got a private catering that evening.

Friday 9/16:
Hyde Park Street Fair at Camel's Back Park!  Open until 9:30pm.

Saturday 9/17:

Sunday 9/18:
Hyde Park Street Fair!

Locations for the (rest) of the week 9/11-9/17

Thursday 9/15:
The truck goes into Purgatory at Camel's Back Park for the Hyde Park Street Fair.  Getting set up for opening on Friday.  We've also got a private catering that evening.

Friday 9/16:
Hyde Park Street Fair at Camel's Back Park!  Open until 9:30pm.

Saturday 9/17:

Sunday 9/18:
Hyde Park Street Fair!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Schedule for the Week of 9/6-9/12

  • Tuesday 9/6:
We did an unannounced lunch for our regulars.  Now we're there, now we're not!  

  • Wednesday 9/7:
Today, the truck goes to the park. 

  • Thursday 9/8:
The truck is staying at the park.

  • Friday 9/9:
The Art comes to the Park!  That's right, we will be serving at Art in the Park.   

  • Saturday 9/10:
Gonna be busy.  Gonna be hectic.  Gonna be nuts.  Come on down to Art in the Park at Julia Davis (you guessed it) Park.

  • Sunday 9/11:
Still Arting in the Parking at Julia Davis Park.   

  • Monday 9/12:
The Truck is off today!  I'm not, but the truck is off!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Locations for the week of 8/28-9/3 Plus 2

Good Day Blogoteers,

We have a few changes to our normal weekly schedule.  We're taking Tuesday off and Thursday is a Food Truck Rally courtesy of Payette Brewing Co and Radio Boise.  In addition, there are events on Sunday and Monday for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday - Wednesday 8/28-8/31:
The truck is down for the first half of the week for nonroutine maintenance.  I admit it.  I broke the truck. 

Thursday 9/1:
We will be at a food truck rally at 4th and Grove from 5-9pm for First Thursday.  Thank you to The Hawk and The 'Stache at Payette Brewing Co for setting things up.  Beer on tap, Hillfolk Noir on the stage and a super special on the B29 Streatery.

Friday 9/2:
B29 Streatery will be doing a catering at BSU on Friday.

Saturday 9/3:
I got nothing.  I am open for suggestions, otherwise I will be making a guest appearance at Brick 29 Bistro.

Sunday 9/4:
The Streatery will be at Ste Chapelle Winery for the Highstreet Concert from 11am-4:30pm and then will be heading to a private catering afterwards.  Did you know B29 Streatery offers catering?  If you read the blog, you sure do.

Monday 9/5:
Ze truck vill be at ze Parktacular Event at Settler's Park on Ustick and Meridian Roads from 11am-6pm.  Admission is free so come down and get some Streatery eats. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Locations for the week of 8/21-8/27

  • Tuesday 8/23:
Back to the 2C!  The B29 Streatery will be at the Canyon County Courthouse from 11:30 until 1:30.  We will be set up with street parking, but readily available.  

  • Wednesday 8/24:
The truck is taking the day off and I am making a guest appearance at Brick 29 Bistro. 

  • Thursday 8/25:
B29 Streatery will be at Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

  • Friday 8/26:
The Streatery will be serving lunch at 13th and Main from 11:30-2pm and from there will head to Payette Brewing Co!  We will serve there until evening and head to 5th and Main for late night.   

  • Saturday 8/27:
We are doing a private function Saturday evening.  Didn't know we did catering?  Absolutely!  Large and small private functions are our specialty.  The Streatery will set up at 5th and Main for late night service Saturday Night after the catering!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Trouble with Being Local Part Deux

So a couple of weeks ago I mouthed off on this blog about local product.  Then Tara Morgan at the Boise Weekly ready my blog and gave me the opportunity to mouth off to her in person.  She wrote a very good piece on Cobweb regarding my mouthiness.  I have attached the link here

I thought about what I said.  I thought about how I said it.  I laughed and decided that a little background info is in order regarding my point of view.

I grew up in Caldwell and graduated high school from Vallivue in the same graduating class as Randy King, chef extraordinare and Boise Weekly blogger.  In other words, I grew up around people who actually farmed.  Second, third and fourth generation farm families, to be exact.  These aren't small, sustainable and organic farms.  These are massive tracts of land and could easily be used as the definition of "agri-industrial complex."  This doesn't make their product any less local, and in fact, this is the vast majority of Idaho's agricultural business.

I applaud anyone who works the earth.  I've tried it.  I have changed siphon tubes.  I have moved wheel lines.  More specifically, I moved the wheel lines, kinked one, and spent the next 4 hours changing the kinked pipe while my general and specific deficiencies as a helper and human being as a whole were disparaged in minute detail by my boss.  It is a back breakingly hard, 7 day a week, 365 day a year process and in no way could I do it. 

I still have family and friends who own and work on farms around the Treasure Valley.  And it really burns my biscuits when the work that they and others like them do is disparaged or dismissed. 

I have been fortunate to work around the country and see different approaches to utilizing local product and how the industry has grown around that term.  One thing that sets the Treasure Valley apart from major cities is the fact that we are still a predominately agricultural area.  Our state's economy is transitioning towards a much more diverse base but agriculture will always be strongly present and this isn't the case in states with vast populations.

Big Ag is labelled as a devil and in a lot of ways I agree.  I don't agree with their practices regarding the water supply, unethical treatment of animals and a whole slew of other issues that don't need to be addressed right this second.  But at the same time, we need to look at our situation as an agricultural state and realize that our farmers, the multigenerational backbone of our economy, are overwhelmingly Big Ag. 

By supporting local large producers, I am not supporting all of their policies and giving them a hall pass.  I am supporting the families that I grew up around and watching and supporting them as they improve practices and transition to a better understanding of how their operations affect their surroundings.  Baby steps people, baby steps.  The Agricultural revolution won't come strictly from the small guys.  It has to come from the big boys and our local farmers get that.

B29 Streatery, still being mouthy in public.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Locations for the week of 8/14-8/20 + 1

Howdy Bloggers,

So last week saw some scheduling snafu's.  I apologize for posting bad info and will submit myself to flogging post-haste.  Here's our really real schedule for this week plus one day!

  • Tuesday 8/16:
Back to the 2C!  The B29 Streatery will be at the Canyon County Courthouse from 11:30 until 1:30.  We will be set up with street parking, but readily available.  

  • Wednesday 8/17:
The Streatery will be serving a private banquet at the Caldwell Night Rodeo for Intermountain Community Bank's Customer Appreciation Day.  Following the banquet, the crew will be enjoying the rodeo! 

  • Thursday 8/18:
We will be set up on Holly Street in Nampa on the NNU campus for lunch from 11-2pm and following that will be at Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

  • Friday 8/19:
On Friday the Streatery will make its triumphant return to 13th and Main for lunch and will be catering the opening of the Comic Book Exhibit at The Boise Art Museum in the evening.  Following the Museum, we will head to 5th and Main for late night. 

  • Saturday 8/20:
The Streatery will set up at 5th and Main for late night service Saturday Night!

  • Sunday 8/21:
We will be serving a Living Social Event at Payette Brewing Co called Blues, Brews and Bites in the afternoon.   

Thanks for playing and I hope to see you at the truck!  B29 Streatery, bringing Meatloaf back in style.  For really real.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Locations for the week of 8/7-8/13

Welcome to the middle of August!

  • Tuesday 8/9:
Back to the 2C!  The B29 Streatery will be at the Canyon County Courthouse from 11:30 until 2:00.  We will be set up with street parking, but readily available.  Following that, we will be at a private catering.

  • Wednesday 8/10:
The Streatery will be parked at KTVB on Fairview for lunch from 11am-3pm and following that will be heading to The Discovery Center of Idaho for dinner service. 
  • Thursday 8/11:
B29 Streatery will be at Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

  • Friday 8/12:
The truck will be off on Friday for servicing.  Sorry 13th and Main, we have to take a week off!

  • Saturday 8/13:
The Streatery will be at Edmark on Garrity for lunch from 11am-2pm, followed by Payette Brewing Co and Late Night at 5th and Main. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Trouble with Being Local...

Good evening Blogoverse,

There has been quite a bit of discussion regarding buying and eating local.  As a Streatery conscious of this movement we strive to offer local products whenever possible.  There is a very fine line that we have to walk in offering local product but still keeping our final cost to our customer down.  This past week I have heard some very odd statements regarding "local" product.

To reach our goals we do have to make compromises.  In some cases it is purchasing a local product that isn't necessarily an artisan good.  There are a number of companies in the Treasure Valley that are well established, make a solid product and make a lot of it.  We are proud to feature Dairygold Cheese and Gem Pack meats.  These are the companies that the little guys want to grow up to become.  Dairygold is a farmer owned company that keeps the vast majority of Idaho's dairy farmers working.  Gem Pack is one of the oldest Meat Packing plants in Idaho and has been in business since 1947.  It is a family owned and operated facility for the past 60 plus years.  I was told a couple days ago that Gem Pack Hotdogs (a fantastic product, by the way) was not a local product.  In fact, Gem Pack was compared to McDonald's.  It was this statement that prompted this blog post. 

If whether a locally owned company uses only locally produced product or not determines their "locality" then Cafe de Paris and Zeppole's can't be considered local.  I proudly support and use both bakeries for our sandwiches and happily list them as a local product, no matter where their flour comes from!

In other cases, we have to expand our concept of what is local.  Or more specifically, the concept of what is regional.  We buy the majority of our pork from Utah.  The reason for this is that Utah has the largest pork processing facilities in our area.  Yes, we are bringing in product from out of state.  But look at it this way:  if you drink beer from Rogue or Widmer, the beer is traveling as far as my pork.

B29 Streatery does use artisan products, both for breads and proteins.  We have offered Snake River Farms Kobe Beef, Double XL Farms Pork and M&N Kobe Beef.  We will continue to offer both what the big guys and the little guys have to offer from our locality and our region. 

B29 Streatery, coming right back atcha!

Locations for the week 7/31-8/7

So this week we have some private events and this weekend we're at Boise Beer Fest in Ann Morrison Park.

  • Tuesday 8/2:
Back to the 2C!  The B29 Streatery will be at the Canyon County Courthouse from 11:30 until 2:00.  We will be set up with street parking, but readily available. 

  • Wednesday 8/3:
We're taking the day off to prep for Boise Beer Fest Saturday and Sunday at Ann Morrison Park! 

  • Thursday 8/4:
B29 Streatery is looking for a lunch gig and then will hightail it to Meridian for the Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm!

  • Friday 8/5:
Friday features lunch at 13th and Main followed by evening service at Payette Brewing Co in Garden City.  No late night, the truck will be getting ready for Boise Beer Fest!

  • Saturday 8/6:
Boise Beer Fest!!!  The truck will be in Ann Morrison Park for the Boise Beer Fest.  In addition, we will have a booth set up at Hot August Nights at the Bitner Vineyards.

  • Sunday 8/7:
Boise Beer Fest again on Sunday and we will have a booth at Ste Chappelle Vineyards for an Idaho Humane Society Event!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Locations for the week 7/24-7/30

Aloha Blogging Elite,

Here's our locations for the week.  We've got a guest appearance at another truck's routine spot and a couple of potential private events.

Sunday 7/24:  Gone, Daddy Gone

Monday 7/25:  Offline

Tuesday 7/26:  Back to the Canyon County Courthouse!  The 2C has been good to us so we will be serving lunch streetside from 11:30am-2pm.

Wednesday 7/27:  Archie's Place is taking the week off so The Streatery will be keeping his spot warm at 10th and Grove!  We might be getting a bit of a late start at around 12pm but we'll be staying later as well.

Thursday 7/28:  Streetside lunch at 13th and Main followed by Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

Friday 7/29:  The Streatery will be at 13th and Main for lunch, followed by Payette Brewing Co until 9:30 or so and then on to late night at 5th and Main!

Saturday 7/30:  We will be doing early evening through late night at 5th and Main!

I am pulling a Kaiser Sojce for the next few days and disappearing off the face of the earth.  I will be back on the clock Tuesday evening so until then, dream of our Grilled Cheese!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Locations for the week of 7/17-7/23

Good day blogosphere,

This week is settling down a bit.  There is still a couple of events up in the air for the end of the week but we're getting everything nailed down.

Monday July 18:  We did a customer appreciation event at Home Federal Bank in Caldwell.  Mmmm, bacon dogs galore.

Tuesday July 19:  The Streatery will be going to jail!  We're headed back to the Canyon County Courthouse in Caldwell for lunch from 11:30-2pm.

Wednesday July 20:  The truck is going to try something new.  We are looking for a lunch location near St. Lukes Boise Medical Center, located at the corner of Avenue B, Idaho St and Warm Springs.  I will tweet/facebook our exact location the day of so you can find us!

Thursday July 21:  And I'm switching it up again!  We will be trying two days in a row at 13th and Main for Lunch from 11:30-2:30pm.  Following lunch the truck will be headed to Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

Friday July 22:  Day number 2 at 13th and Main for lunch from 11:30-2:30.  Following that the truck will be at Payette Brewing Co from 3-10 (roughly) and on to 5th and Main for late night munchies.

Saturday July 23:  We are on the waiting list for an event on Saturday.  It could happen.  It could not.  I don't want to give unrealistic hopes.  Either way, we will be doing late night at 5th and Main.

B29 Streatery, bringing bacon dogs to 2C Financial Institutions since 2011!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Locations for the Week of 7/10-7/16

It's another busy week for the truck!
Tuesday 7/12:  Canyon County Courthouse in Caldwell for Lunch from 11:30-2:00pm.

Wednesday 7/13:  We'll give lunch at 6th and Broad another shot!  It was hot last week and we're hoping for some moderate temperatures!

Thursday 7/14:  We'll be back at WDS Global just off the corner of Maple Grove and Emerald for lunch from 10:30-3:00pm and we've got 2 evening gigs!  We'll be at The Boise Bike Project's Chandelier Auction held at Chandi Lighting Studio from 6-10pm.  Check out the flier for more details!  In addition to this, we will have a booth set up at The Meridian Urban Market cooking away.

Friday 7/15:  B29 Streatery will be serving lunch at 13th and Main from 11:30-2:30 then heading over to Payette Brewing Co on 33rd in Garden City for our 3-10ish spot.  After that it is back to downtown for late night at 5th and Main, the Addie's Parking Lot.

Saturday 7/16:  We're bummed that the Whitewater Festival is being moved.  It is now on Sunday and the float ride runs from Banks to Beehive on the Payette River north of Horseshoe Bend. 

The B29 Streatery will be at private caterings in the morning and afternoon of the 16th but will be at Sawtooth Winery for "Movie Night in the Vineyard" featuring Casablanca!  Following the movie we will be heading downtown for our 5th and Main session.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Officially Accepting Credit Cards

Dear Blogosphere,

We are now officially taking Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards!  We have unofficially been taking cards for the past couple of weeks to see how the response would be and it is overwhelmingly positive.  We will be adding a 10% convenience charge to any credit or debit transaction under $20 to offset the additional costs of accepting cards.

B29 Streatery, bringing Street Food to a cash free society!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Locations for the Week!

  • Tuesday 7/5:
Back to the 2C!  The B29 Streatery will be at the Canyon County Courthouse from 11:30 until 2:30.  We will be set up with street parking, but readily available.  From 5-9pm, we will be at Payette Brewing Co in Garden City for a Boise Public Radio Fundraiser!

  • Wednesday 7/6:
Wednesday is a short day out with lunch service at Broad Street and 6th.  We had such a great reception last week that The Streatery is headed back!  After lunch I am back in the kitchen to prep everything for this weekend! 

  • Thursday 7/7:
 I am looking at a lunch service at The Idaho Statesman offices from 11:30-2:30.  They are very excited to have us and it should come together.  Following that is our weekly Meridian love, The Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

  • Friday 7/8:
 Friday is a great day.  We have lunch scheduled at 13th and Main, followed by The Idaho Brewer's Festival at Lakeview Park in Nampa from 5-9pm.  What's that you say?  Payette Brewing Co?  Absolutely!  We will be testing out our new Outdoor Cooking Suite at Payette Brewing Co from 3-10pm in Garden City.  Still not enough B29?  Following the Brewer's Fest, The Streatery will be at our parking spot on 5th and Main for late night!

  • Saturday 7/9:
B29 Streatery will be at The Idaho Brewer's Festival from 11am-9pm at Lakeview Park in Nampa.  And just cuz we like to support our local farmers, B29 and Brick 29 will be teaming up to provide a booth at The Lakeside Lavender Festival at, sure enough, Lakeside Lavender in Nampa.  The 2C is well represented this weekend!  To finish it all up, The Streatery will be set up post beer fest at 5th and Main for late night.

  • Sunday 7/10:
Sunday features the last day of The Idaho Brewer's Festival from 11am-5pm in Nampa and the second day of The Lakeside Lavender Festival, also in Nampa. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big News!

Today we finalized our Late Night parking spot for Friday and Saturday Nights! The B29 Streatery will be at the corner of 5th and Main in Downtown every weekend. Tomorrow we will be there at 10pm and Saturday we will be there after 7pm.

B29 Streatery, doing our civic duty by feeding the late night masses.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Specials for the Week

In honor of the weather finally turning hot, we are running some classic summer dishes for our specials this week - with our own spin, of course.

BBQ Brisket Sandwich - Dawson Taylor Coffee rubbed beef brisket, smoked for 6 hours and slow cooked for 18 hours, Cafe de Paris Artisan Roll, Caramelized Onions, Citrus Slaw   $8

Chilled Watermelon Soup - Grilled and Chilled Watermelon, Cucumber, Red Grapes and Tarragon Oil   $5

Bacon Dog - Local Hot Dog with Bristol Bacon and Jalapeno Slaw   $6

B29 Streatery, bringing summer to you!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Technical Difficulties and Locations!!!

Good Day,

Our website is on the fritz at the moment, so disregard the calendar and specials that you see there.  Aside from that, it seems to be functioning properly so odds are it's my fault.  I'll fix it as soon as I am not technoretarded.

Locations for the week:
Tuesday 6/28:
We will be serving lunch at the Canyon County Courthouse from 11am-3pm.

Wednesday 6/29:
The Streatery will be serving lunch at Boise Weekly headquarters on 6th and Broad Street in Boise from 11am until they get tired of us cluttering up their parking lot.  Following that, we will be catering a private function in the evening.  Catering from a food truck you say?  Of course!  We do private parties, corporate functions, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs.  B29 Streatery can do traditional catering or we have some options that take full advantage of the food truck kitchen. 

Thursday 6/30:
B29 Streatery will be serving lunch across the street from WDS Global from 10am-3pm.  We park in the lot at the corner of Golden Trout and Kimball in Boise, just off Maple Grove and Emerald.  From there we head to Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm in downtown Meridian.

Friday 7/1:
We will be serving lunch at 13th and Main in Boise, directly across from Idaho Mountain Touring from 11:30-2:30pm.  Afterwards, the Streatery heads to our reoccuring gig at Payette Brewing Co on 33rd in Garden City.  To finish off the day, we will be heading to our brand spanking new location at 5th and Main in Boise to serve some late night grub until 3am or so.  We will be in the parking lot in front of Addie's Restaurant (my personal favorite for breakfast). 

Saturday 7/2:
I am still working out our Saturday logistics regarding parking but we will be somewhere in the vicinity of 5th and Main for late night.  Avoid Tacoitis and fill up with a Snake River Farms Kobe Beef Patty Melt instead!

B29 Streatery, bringing late night comfort to the masses of 6th and Main.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Change of Plans!!!

There is a slight change of plans for tomorrow's lunch service.  I have gone down to the Simplot Sports Complex three times this week and they have the place tied up tighter than a gnat's. . .yeah.  So instead, we will be heading to 13th and Main for a lunch service from 11:00-2:30pm.  For our soccer playing brethren, sorry. 

On the other hand, The Streatery will be at Payette Brewing Co as scheduled with our full menu and a special or two!  I might even have a new special depending on my shopping trip in the morning.

B29 Streatery, bringing street food away from the soccer tournament, apparently.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Locations for the week of 6/19-6/26

  • Tuesday 6/21:  I am confirming a location on Old Penitentiary Road off of Warm Springs in Boise.  If approved, we will be there from 3pm-11pm.

  • Wednesday 6/22:  The Streatery is taking the day off for new clothes.  We’re finalizing the airbrushing and details on the exterior.  Exciting Stuff!

  • Thursday 6/23:
    Lunch service will be across from WDS Global by Maple Grove and Emerald in Boise.  I will be there bright and early with the truck and we will serve lunch until 3:30.  After that, it’s off to The Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm!

  • Friday 6/24:
    Friday the truck is heading way out to The Simplot Sports Complex.  The Western Regional Soccer Tournament is going on right now and I was told that this is the place to be!  Soccer players eat, right?  After feeding the tournament, B29 Streatery will be back at Payette Brewing Co in Garden City for our reoccuring gig.  It was a great crowd last week, and we would love to see that energy again!  Following that, we will be heading to our new Late Night digs in Downtown Boise.  We are negotiating a couple of spots but I will let you know as soon as I do! 

  • Saturday 6/25:
    We need an event!  Send me an email at and tell me where you want The Streatery to be!  Otherwise, I will go harass the Soccer Tournament again.  We will be headed to Downtown for Late Night again afterward so keep an eye out for us!

  • Sunday 6/26:  B29 Streatery will be at Payette Brewing Co for the Boise Urban Market from 5-8pm at Payette Brewing Co!  We’re trying out something new, so bear with us.  Different set up, same great food!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Locations for the week 6/12-6/18

Thank you to everyone who came out last week to eat!  We had a few hiccups but keep plugging along.  The Streatery ran into a snag on Friday with our location and the Boise City Clerk had us move due to being on the wrong side of 13th.  We weren't pointed the wrong direction but Food Trucks are banned from 13th to 5th Street in Downtown Boise.  More on that later.

Wednesday 6/15:
B29 Streatery will be serving lunch on Emerald just past Maple Grove for all our Call Center friends.  I will be distributing flyers at the Call Centers tomorrow.  Wednesday evening we are booked for a private party.

Thursday 6/16:
We will be doing lunch on Bannock between 13th and 14th.  There's grass and trees, who needs 13th and Idaho anyway!  In the evening The Streatery will be at Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

Friday 6/17:
The Streatery will be serving lunch in Nampa!  Looking to hit The Journal Broadcast Group and the car dealerships on Garrity.  I will be handing out flyers tomorrow.  Friday afternoon/evening we will be set up at Payette Brewing Co, located on 33rd Street in Garden City from 3-10pm.  The brewery is closed on Saturday so come down on Friday, it's your only chance for the week.  After we close down Payette Brewing Co The Streatery will be heading downtown for our inaugural late night action.

Saturday 6/18:
We need an event!  Send me an email at and tell me where you want The Streatery to be!  After our mystery event, B29 Streatery will be headed back downtown for more late night action!

B29 Streatery, bringing your grilled cheese to you at 2:30am!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where's The Streatery This Week?

This week's schedule:

June 9th:  We are booked for a private lunch and then will be at The Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm and after we will head to Neurolux for the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Show.

June 10th:  The Streatery will be serving lunch at 13th and Idaho from 11:30-2pm and then we will be at Payette Brewing Co from 3-10pm.

June 11th:  Gem State Jam!  The Streatery will be at The Gem State Jam which features Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats, Cash'd Out and Delta Spirit, not to mention a number of other local and regional artists.

June 12th:  Late night at Neurolux for the Langhorn Slim concert.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Great Asian Chicken Debacle

So, I am a big fan of our Asian Chicken Salad.  In fact, it's one of the few salads that I enjoy to eat.  I work very hard to bring a good product to you, my guest and customer, and I do take pride in the food that we make.  Imagine my surprise when I am informed that my Asian Chicken Salad is inedible.  I feel terrible.  I rant.  I rave.  I throw out all of the offending chicken.  I make more chicken that is edible and yummy.

All of this does nothing to change the fact that I served bad food.  So, to make things right, I will give a small sample of the Asian Chicken Salad (the yummy version) to anyone who asks for it for the following week.  So that is from 6/5-6/12 I will give a free small sample of the Asian Chicken Salad to anyone interested. 

I am not going to force it on anyone.  If someone is a Patty Melt person, I am not going to make them take the salad.  But if you wish to give it a shot, or for those who I dosed with sodium chloride, give it a second chance, it's on me.

And thank you to my whistleblowers who were willing to bring this to my attention.  You have my utmost thanks.


The B29 Streatery Team

Monday, May 30, 2011

Where's the B29 Streatery this week?

Aloha, my faithful followers and sordid casual acquaintances, here's what The Streatery will be up to this week:

Thursday June 2nd:
We will be at the Basque Block in Downtown Boise celebrating the Grand Opening of Archie's Place with a food truck court.  Rumor has it the block is shut down and Bar Gernika will be pouring Payette Brewing Co's thirst quenching brews.  This shindig is happening from 5-10pm on Thursday.

Friday June 3rd:
The Streatery will be making its first lunch appearance on Friday, roughly hitting the area around Idaho and 13th from 11:30-1:30pm.  After that we will be heading over to Payette Brewing Co for our regular Friday session of 3-10pm at their tasting room.  Payette Brewing is located on 33rd in Garden City. 

Saturday June 4th:
Grand Opening Day!  Barring WWIII, B29 Streatery will be grandly opened at Payette Brewing Co from noon until 10pm, and potentially later if the party is still going!  We have booked a number of local bands to play, including Owlright and Atomic Mama and are working on a couple more! 

B29 Streatery, bringing Idaho street food and Idaho musicians to you!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This week's events!

B29 Streatery will be at the following locations this week:

Thursday 5/26:  The Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm

Friday 5/27:  Payette Brewing Co from 3-10pm

Saturday 5/28:  Payette Brewing Co from 3-10pm

Specials include, but are not limited to:
Crispy Chicken Leg with Potato Cakes and Gravy

B29 Streatery, hitting the bricks and bringing our food to you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

B29 Streatery in Nampa

Blue skies and 70 degrees at The Idaho Center in Nampa and we are serving BBQ Brisket, Chicken Leg Confit and Braised Pot Roast in addition to our sandwiches! Come on down and enjoy the sun in Canyon County!

B29 Streatery has the food, come on down!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Events!

We have booked some new events for B29 Streatery!  We will be at The RV Showdown at The Idaho Center in Nampa May 19-22.  The hours are 10am-9pm the 19-21 and 11am-5pm the 22nd.  We will be featuring a number of specials:

Chicken Leg Confit with Potato Cakes and Roasted Chicken Jus

BBQ Brisket Platter with Whipped Idaho Potatoes, BBQ Sauce and Coleslaw

Slow Cooked Pot Roast Stuffed with Caramelized Onions, Whipped Potatoes and Braising Reduction

In addition to this, we will be at The Meridian Urban Market May 26th from 5-9pm.

In really exciting news, The Streatery will be at Payette Brewing Co in Garden City May 27th and 28th from 3pm - 10pm! 

B29 Streatery, showing RV's what mobile kitchens are capable of!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

B29 Streatery Open House

B29 Streatery will be hosting an open house at our parent restaurant, Brick 29 Bistro!  This is an invitation only affair, and the best (only?) way to get a ticket for yourself and a guest is to Like or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Blogspot.  I will be selecting a winner at random for every 50 Followers we get!  For those of you following already, don't feel left out.  I will be reaching out in the next couple of days to our first batch of guests! 

Why would I want to drive out to Nampa, you say?  How about complimentary lunch for yourself and one guest, courtesy of Brick 29 Bistro and B29 Streatery, and the opportunity to take a guided tour of our state of the art mobile kitchen! 

I will be reaching out to our winners as the come and I would like to congratulate @wwwote who was our 100th Follower on Twitter and our first invitee to the open house.

B29 Streatery, bringing you to the food, just this once!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Inside the kitchen!

Here's an action shot from inside the truck. That's Kalin working the grill and we are at the Meridian Urban Market on Thursdays from 5-9pm.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meridian Urban Market 5/12

B29 Streatery will be at The Meridian Urban Market on Thursday, 5/12 from 5pm-9pm.  We will be featuring our "classic" items such as The S.R.F. Kobe Beef Patty Melt and our Pulled Pork Sliders.  The special for the day will be Crispy Chicken Leg Confit with Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Chicken Jus!

B29 Streatery, opening at full strength soon, very soon!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

B29 Streatery made the local news!

B29 Streatery and Chef Dustan Bristol are featured on Fox 12 last night! Check out the video clip on the left!

Treasure Valley Joining Food Truck Nation - KTRV Fox 12

Friday, May 6, 2011

KTRV - Channel 12 Fox Tonight!

B29 Streatery and Chef Dustan Bristol will be on Channel 12 tonight, hopefully on the 9pm news but it could be later.  I do not make an appearance but I am there in spirit!
B29 Streatery, coming to a street corner or parking lot near you!

Thank You for your support!

To all of our customers tonight,

I and all of us at B29 Streatery would like to say thank you for coming out tonight to support our new venture.  I appreciate your patience and understanding regarding our first night jitters and hiccups and rest assured, we are working out the kinks.


B29 Streatery Staff

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cinco de Mayo MuM Menu

All Sandwiches served with a side of chips
"Grilled Cheese" with bbq pulled pork, garlic aioli and deep fried Monterey Jack   $6

Snake River Farms Kobe Patty Melt with caramelized onions, poblano aioli
and choice of blue, swiss or cheddar   $6

Asian Chicken Salad with shredded cabbage, crispy wontons, miso vinaigrette
and shredded chicken confit   $6

BLT - Bristol Bacon, lettuce and tomato on Cafe de Paris bread   $6

Hand Cut Idaho Russet French Fries with herbal salt, choice of dipping sauce   $6

Dairygold Buttermilk Panna Cotta with macerated berries   $3

Retail Items:
Cafe de Paris Brioche Bread Pudding   $4
Tomato Bisque   $4
Brick 29 Bristol Bacon   $8

Cinco de Mayo Special:
Chile Relleno with flame roasted poblano pepper, monterey jack, egg white tempura, tomatillo salsa   $5

Assorted Jarrito's Beverages   $3

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meridian Urban Market May 5th

B29 Streatery will be at The Meridian Urban Market on May 5th as a special preopen event!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we will be running Chile Relleno with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa as our special and will be offering a variety of Jarrito's beverages, all in addition to our regular menu.

B29 Streatery, bringing gringo specialties to an Urban Market or street corner near you!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Drive, By The Numbers

Total Miles Driven:  2700

Left Boston, MA at 2pm, EST on Monday 4/25
Arrived in Boise, ID at 2pm, Mountain Time on Thursday 4/28
Total Time between points A and B:  74 Hours
Average Speed:  60MPH
Total Hours Driving:  45 Hours
Number of Hours Driven per 24 Hour Time Period:  15 Hours
Number of Miles Driven per 24 Hour Time Period:  875.67 Miles
Number of times I gouged myself in the head and didn't notice:  1
Total Gallons of Mountain Dew Consumed:  4.5
Total Number of Monster Energy Drinks Consumed:  6
Number of Monster Energy Drinks Consumed Through Licorice Straws:  2
Number of States Driven Through:  13

In honor of this "Vanishing Point" worthy escapade, I would be willing to accept a Dodge Challenger, either vintage or new.  While the white with the racing stripes would be preferable, I am willing to accept black or orange. 

B29 Streatery, bringing new takes on old classics to a parking lot or street corner near you!

Day Four Recap

States Crossed:  2 - Utah and Idaho

Miles Logged Total:  2700 on the dot

Wild Animals Seen to Date:
Deer:  3
No Raccoons
No Marmots since the Mississippi

Soundtrack by State:
Utah:  Cactus by David Bowie
Idaho:  Going the Distance by Cake
Coming over the hill and seeing Boise:  Feels Just Like It Should by Jamiroquai

B29 Streatery, bringing gourmet street food to a corner or parking lot near you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day Three Recap

States Crossed:  2, but they were doozies.

Miles logged to date:  2400

Wild Animals Seen:
Deer:  2
No Raccoons
No Marmots

Exact mile that I started having full conversations with the truck:  2109

Soundtrack by State:
Nebraska:  Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
Wyoming:  I Am a Rock by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Song Dedicated to Utah and Idaho:  'Till I Get to You by Nikka Costa

B29 Streatery, bringing Recession Dining slowly and inexorably to a parking lot or street corner near you!

The Magic Cup of Joe

So, this particular cup of coffee was set down yesterday morning upon leaving Lincoln, Nebraska. I forgot about it until I stopped for gas 275 miles later. Yet, by some, miracle of physics and Freightliner engineering, there it stands. Bravo, Mr. Coffee, Bravo.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greg's Allegory of The Monster

While drinking Monster Energy Drink through a jumbo Red Vine, I had two epiphanies:
1. I had discovered a way to make Monster taste even worse than normal.
2. Necessity is the mother of invention, but not all inventions are a success. Just because something is comfortable and expedient, it isn't necessarily good. The next time we purchase a meal, we should ask ourselves - is it good, or is it just comfortable?

B29 Streatery, bringing comfort, expediency and a great culinary experience to the Boise area, and we don't even need a linen napkin.
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Day Two Recap

States crossed: 4

Miles logged to date: 1694 miles

Wild Animals Seen:
Deer: Still 0
Raccoons: 3
Marmots: way too many

Soundtrack by state:
Ohio: Steady As She Goes by The Raconteurs
Indiana: Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
Illinois: No More Rain by Blind Melon and Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar
Iowa: YMCA by The Village People (The only band I could think of with a construction worker)

Honorary song for my Minnesota family: Jungle Love ( Oh Ee Oh Ee Oh) by Morris Day and The Time

B29 Streatery, coming to a parking lot or street corner near you!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Here's the Truck!

Here it is! 2003 Freightliner with a full mobile kitchen!

B29 Streatery, coming soon!
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First Leg of the Journey

Picked up the B29 Streatery in Boston, MA yesterday afternoon!

Number of states passed through: 5

Number of times stuck in gridlock: 1 (Hartford)

Number of wild animals seen:
Deer: 0
Racoons: 0
Marmots: 437

Soundtrack by state:
Massachusetts: Young American by David Bowie
Connecticut: Dragonfly by Ziggy Marley
New York: Living for the City by Stevie Wonder
Pennsylvania (After just realizing that 2200 of the 2700 mile drive is uphill to Wyoming): I Will Survive by Cake

B29 Streatery, coming to a corner or parking lot near you!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One week to go!

Less than one week left until I go pick up the truck and drive it to it's new home!  Stay posted as I make new entries along the drive.

B29 Streatery, bringing "Recession Dining" to a parking lot or corner near you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We're picking up steam!

B29 Streatery would like to say thank you to Dana Oland and Rachael Daigle of The Idaho Statesman and The Boise Weekly, respectively.  It is always great to see such positive press for a new venture!  Enjoy the articles below and be sure to check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

B29 Streatery will be coming to a corner or parking lot near you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

B29 Streatery Picked up in Boise Weekly Cobweb

Check out the article below, courtesy of Rachael Daigle of The Boise Weekly.

As mentioned in the article, B29 Streatery will be coming to the City of Boise by summer of 2011, and we hope you're hungry!