Friday, October 28, 2011

Schedule for the upcoming Future!

Howdy all,

So here is our upcoming event schedule.  We are shifting to a catering/food truck rally/holiday market mode so this schedule is made further out than usual!

Saturday 10/29:
We are catering a birthday party and a Halloween Party!

Saturday 11/5:
The truck will be set up at The Wintry Market at the Ballet Idaho Building on 9th and Myrtle.  We will be serving from 11am-5pm and will also have Bristol Bacon and Pumpkin Bisque available as retail purchases.

Sunday 11/6:
Once again, hitting up The Wintry Market.  Did I mention Jacques Torres style "Wicked" Hot Chocolate?  Our house blend of Hot Apple Cider?  11am-5pm, Ballet Idaho Building on 9th and Myrtle.

Friday 11/11:
Food Truck Rally!  Keep Posted for details on the latest and greatest Food Truck Rally of Boise.

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  1. That's cool i am looking for tickets for upcoming events.