Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big News!

Today we finalized our Late Night parking spot for Friday and Saturday Nights! The B29 Streatery will be at the corner of 5th and Main in Downtown every weekend. Tomorrow we will be there at 10pm and Saturday we will be there after 7pm.

B29 Streatery, doing our civic duty by feeding the late night masses.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Specials for the Week

In honor of the weather finally turning hot, we are running some classic summer dishes for our specials this week - with our own spin, of course.

BBQ Brisket Sandwich - Dawson Taylor Coffee rubbed beef brisket, smoked for 6 hours and slow cooked for 18 hours, Cafe de Paris Artisan Roll, Caramelized Onions, Citrus Slaw   $8

Chilled Watermelon Soup - Grilled and Chilled Watermelon, Cucumber, Red Grapes and Tarragon Oil   $5

Bacon Dog - Local Hot Dog with Bristol Bacon and Jalapeno Slaw   $6

B29 Streatery, bringing summer to you!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Technical Difficulties and Locations!!!

Good Day,

Our website is on the fritz at the moment, so disregard the calendar and specials that you see there.  Aside from that, it seems to be functioning properly so odds are it's my fault.  I'll fix it as soon as I am not technoretarded.

Locations for the week:
Tuesday 6/28:
We will be serving lunch at the Canyon County Courthouse from 11am-3pm.

Wednesday 6/29:
The Streatery will be serving lunch at Boise Weekly headquarters on 6th and Broad Street in Boise from 11am until they get tired of us cluttering up their parking lot.  Following that, we will be catering a private function in the evening.  Catering from a food truck you say?  Of course!  We do private parties, corporate functions, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs.  B29 Streatery can do traditional catering or we have some options that take full advantage of the food truck kitchen. 

Thursday 6/30:
B29 Streatery will be serving lunch across the street from WDS Global from 10am-3pm.  We park in the lot at the corner of Golden Trout and Kimball in Boise, just off Maple Grove and Emerald.  From there we head to Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm in downtown Meridian.

Friday 7/1:
We will be serving lunch at 13th and Main in Boise, directly across from Idaho Mountain Touring from 11:30-2:30pm.  Afterwards, the Streatery heads to our reoccuring gig at Payette Brewing Co on 33rd in Garden City.  To finish off the day, we will be heading to our brand spanking new location at 5th and Main in Boise to serve some late night grub until 3am or so.  We will be in the parking lot in front of Addie's Restaurant (my personal favorite for breakfast). 

Saturday 7/2:
I am still working out our Saturday logistics regarding parking but we will be somewhere in the vicinity of 5th and Main for late night.  Avoid Tacoitis and fill up with a Snake River Farms Kobe Beef Patty Melt instead!

B29 Streatery, bringing late night comfort to the masses of 6th and Main.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Change of Plans!!!

There is a slight change of plans for tomorrow's lunch service.  I have gone down to the Simplot Sports Complex three times this week and they have the place tied up tighter than a gnat's. . .yeah.  So instead, we will be heading to 13th and Main for a lunch service from 11:00-2:30pm.  For our soccer playing brethren, sorry. 

On the other hand, The Streatery will be at Payette Brewing Co as scheduled with our full menu and a special or two!  I might even have a new special depending on my shopping trip in the morning.

B29 Streatery, bringing street food away from the soccer tournament, apparently.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Locations for the week of 6/19-6/26

  • Tuesday 6/21:  I am confirming a location on Old Penitentiary Road off of Warm Springs in Boise.  If approved, we will be there from 3pm-11pm.

  • Wednesday 6/22:  The Streatery is taking the day off for new clothes.  We’re finalizing the airbrushing and details on the exterior.  Exciting Stuff!

  • Thursday 6/23:
    Lunch service will be across from WDS Global by Maple Grove and Emerald in Boise.  I will be there bright and early with the truck and we will serve lunch until 3:30.  After that, it’s off to The Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm!

  • Friday 6/24:
    Friday the truck is heading way out to The Simplot Sports Complex.  The Western Regional Soccer Tournament is going on right now and I was told that this is the place to be!  Soccer players eat, right?  After feeding the tournament, B29 Streatery will be back at Payette Brewing Co in Garden City for our reoccuring gig.  It was a great crowd last week, and we would love to see that energy again!  Following that, we will be heading to our new Late Night digs in Downtown Boise.  We are negotiating a couple of spots but I will let you know as soon as I do! 

  • Saturday 6/25:
    We need an event!  Send me an email at and tell me where you want The Streatery to be!  Otherwise, I will go harass the Soccer Tournament again.  We will be headed to Downtown for Late Night again afterward so keep an eye out for us!

  • Sunday 6/26:  B29 Streatery will be at Payette Brewing Co for the Boise Urban Market from 5-8pm at Payette Brewing Co!  We’re trying out something new, so bear with us.  Different set up, same great food!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Locations for the week 6/12-6/18

Thank you to everyone who came out last week to eat!  We had a few hiccups but keep plugging along.  The Streatery ran into a snag on Friday with our location and the Boise City Clerk had us move due to being on the wrong side of 13th.  We weren't pointed the wrong direction but Food Trucks are banned from 13th to 5th Street in Downtown Boise.  More on that later.

Wednesday 6/15:
B29 Streatery will be serving lunch on Emerald just past Maple Grove for all our Call Center friends.  I will be distributing flyers at the Call Centers tomorrow.  Wednesday evening we are booked for a private party.

Thursday 6/16:
We will be doing lunch on Bannock between 13th and 14th.  There's grass and trees, who needs 13th and Idaho anyway!  In the evening The Streatery will be at Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

Friday 6/17:
The Streatery will be serving lunch in Nampa!  Looking to hit The Journal Broadcast Group and the car dealerships on Garrity.  I will be handing out flyers tomorrow.  Friday afternoon/evening we will be set up at Payette Brewing Co, located on 33rd Street in Garden City from 3-10pm.  The brewery is closed on Saturday so come down on Friday, it's your only chance for the week.  After we close down Payette Brewing Co The Streatery will be heading downtown for our inaugural late night action.

Saturday 6/18:
We need an event!  Send me an email at and tell me where you want The Streatery to be!  After our mystery event, B29 Streatery will be headed back downtown for more late night action!

B29 Streatery, bringing your grilled cheese to you at 2:30am!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where's The Streatery This Week?

This week's schedule:

June 9th:  We are booked for a private lunch and then will be at The Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm and after we will head to Neurolux for the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Show.

June 10th:  The Streatery will be serving lunch at 13th and Idaho from 11:30-2pm and then we will be at Payette Brewing Co from 3-10pm.

June 11th:  Gem State Jam!  The Streatery will be at The Gem State Jam which features Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats, Cash'd Out and Delta Spirit, not to mention a number of other local and regional artists.

June 12th:  Late night at Neurolux for the Langhorn Slim concert.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Great Asian Chicken Debacle

So, I am a big fan of our Asian Chicken Salad.  In fact, it's one of the few salads that I enjoy to eat.  I work very hard to bring a good product to you, my guest and customer, and I do take pride in the food that we make.  Imagine my surprise when I am informed that my Asian Chicken Salad is inedible.  I feel terrible.  I rant.  I rave.  I throw out all of the offending chicken.  I make more chicken that is edible and yummy.

All of this does nothing to change the fact that I served bad food.  So, to make things right, I will give a small sample of the Asian Chicken Salad (the yummy version) to anyone who asks for it for the following week.  So that is from 6/5-6/12 I will give a free small sample of the Asian Chicken Salad to anyone interested. 

I am not going to force it on anyone.  If someone is a Patty Melt person, I am not going to make them take the salad.  But if you wish to give it a shot, or for those who I dosed with sodium chloride, give it a second chance, it's on me.

And thank you to my whistleblowers who were willing to bring this to my attention.  You have my utmost thanks.


The B29 Streatery Team