Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Great Asian Chicken Debacle

So, I am a big fan of our Asian Chicken Salad.  In fact, it's one of the few salads that I enjoy to eat.  I work very hard to bring a good product to you, my guest and customer, and I do take pride in the food that we make.  Imagine my surprise when I am informed that my Asian Chicken Salad is inedible.  I feel terrible.  I rant.  I rave.  I throw out all of the offending chicken.  I make more chicken that is edible and yummy.

All of this does nothing to change the fact that I served bad food.  So, to make things right, I will give a small sample of the Asian Chicken Salad (the yummy version) to anyone who asks for it for the following week.  So that is from 6/5-6/12 I will give a free small sample of the Asian Chicken Salad to anyone interested. 

I am not going to force it on anyone.  If someone is a Patty Melt person, I am not going to make them take the salad.  But if you wish to give it a shot, or for those who I dosed with sodium chloride, give it a second chance, it's on me.

And thank you to my whistleblowers who were willing to bring this to my attention.  You have my utmost thanks.


The B29 Streatery Team

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