Monday, June 20, 2011

Locations for the week of 6/19-6/26

  • Tuesday 6/21:  I am confirming a location on Old Penitentiary Road off of Warm Springs in Boise.  If approved, we will be there from 3pm-11pm.

  • Wednesday 6/22:  The Streatery is taking the day off for new clothes.  We’re finalizing the airbrushing and details on the exterior.  Exciting Stuff!

  • Thursday 6/23:
    Lunch service will be across from WDS Global by Maple Grove and Emerald in Boise.  I will be there bright and early with the truck and we will serve lunch until 3:30.  After that, it’s off to The Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm!

  • Friday 6/24:
    Friday the truck is heading way out to The Simplot Sports Complex.  The Western Regional Soccer Tournament is going on right now and I was told that this is the place to be!  Soccer players eat, right?  After feeding the tournament, B29 Streatery will be back at Payette Brewing Co in Garden City for our reoccuring gig.  It was a great crowd last week, and we would love to see that energy again!  Following that, we will be heading to our new Late Night digs in Downtown Boise.  We are negotiating a couple of spots but I will let you know as soon as I do! 

  • Saturday 6/25:
    We need an event!  Send me an email at and tell me where you want The Streatery to be!  Otherwise, I will go harass the Soccer Tournament again.  We will be headed to Downtown for Late Night again afterward so keep an eye out for us!

  • Sunday 6/26:  B29 Streatery will be at Payette Brewing Co for the Boise Urban Market from 5-8pm at Payette Brewing Co!  We’re trying out something new, so bear with us.  Different set up, same great food!

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