Monday, June 13, 2011

Locations for the week 6/12-6/18

Thank you to everyone who came out last week to eat!  We had a few hiccups but keep plugging along.  The Streatery ran into a snag on Friday with our location and the Boise City Clerk had us move due to being on the wrong side of 13th.  We weren't pointed the wrong direction but Food Trucks are banned from 13th to 5th Street in Downtown Boise.  More on that later.

Wednesday 6/15:
B29 Streatery will be serving lunch on Emerald just past Maple Grove for all our Call Center friends.  I will be distributing flyers at the Call Centers tomorrow.  Wednesday evening we are booked for a private party.

Thursday 6/16:
We will be doing lunch on Bannock between 13th and 14th.  There's grass and trees, who needs 13th and Idaho anyway!  In the evening The Streatery will be at Meridian Urban Market from 5-9pm.

Friday 6/17:
The Streatery will be serving lunch in Nampa!  Looking to hit The Journal Broadcast Group and the car dealerships on Garrity.  I will be handing out flyers tomorrow.  Friday afternoon/evening we will be set up at Payette Brewing Co, located on 33rd Street in Garden City from 3-10pm.  The brewery is closed on Saturday so come down on Friday, it's your only chance for the week.  After we close down Payette Brewing Co The Streatery will be heading downtown for our inaugural late night action.

Saturday 6/18:
We need an event!  Send me an email at and tell me where you want The Streatery to be!  After our mystery event, B29 Streatery will be headed back downtown for more late night action!

B29 Streatery, bringing your grilled cheese to you at 2:30am!

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