Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Schedule for the Week of 9/6-9/12

  • Tuesday 9/6:
We did an unannounced lunch for our regulars.  Now we're there, now we're not!  

  • Wednesday 9/7:
Today, the truck goes to the park. 

  • Thursday 9/8:
The truck is staying at the park.

  • Friday 9/9:
The Art comes to the Park!  That's right, we will be serving at Art in the Park.   

  • Saturday 9/10:
Gonna be busy.  Gonna be hectic.  Gonna be nuts.  Come on down to Art in the Park at Julia Davis (you guessed it) Park.

  • Sunday 9/11:
Still Arting in the Parking at Julia Davis Park.   

  • Monday 9/12:
The Truck is off today!  I'm not, but the truck is off!

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