Monday, September 19, 2011

Locations for the week of 9/18-9/24

Sunday 9/18:  Last day of Hyde Park Street Fair.

Monday 9/19:  Inadvertently took the day off by locking myself out of my vehicle and my apartment.  Solution - walk to Barnes and Noble!

Tuesday 9/20:  Do everything I was supposed to do on Monday.  Sorry 2C Courthouse, we will not be making an appearance.

Wednesday 9/21:  Lunch at the KTVB Studios on Fairview in Boise.

Thursday 9/22:  We will be doing a private catering.

Friday 9/23:  I've got a dropoff catering, a lunch catering and a dinner catering in Eagle.  Yippee!!!  Risotto with Idaho Morels!  Not for public sale!  Book a catering!

Saturday 9/24:  Want your Idaho History to have a little more interactive character?  Come down to the Museum Comes to Life at Julia Davis Park!  Yes, we will be there.

Sunday 9/25:  Dog Days of Summer at Sawtooth Winery!  Come see the dogs and drink wine and eat with us!  Did I mention the dogs?

B29 Streatery, watching persons with alterative life styles eating "reclaimed" french fries since 2011.

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