Friday, April 29, 2011

The Drive, By The Numbers

Total Miles Driven:  2700

Left Boston, MA at 2pm, EST on Monday 4/25
Arrived in Boise, ID at 2pm, Mountain Time on Thursday 4/28
Total Time between points A and B:  74 Hours
Average Speed:  60MPH
Total Hours Driving:  45 Hours
Number of Hours Driven per 24 Hour Time Period:  15 Hours
Number of Miles Driven per 24 Hour Time Period:  875.67 Miles
Number of times I gouged myself in the head and didn't notice:  1
Total Gallons of Mountain Dew Consumed:  4.5
Total Number of Monster Energy Drinks Consumed:  6
Number of Monster Energy Drinks Consumed Through Licorice Straws:  2
Number of States Driven Through:  13

In honor of this "Vanishing Point" worthy escapade, I would be willing to accept a Dodge Challenger, either vintage or new.  While the white with the racing stripes would be preferable, I am willing to accept black or orange. 

B29 Streatery, bringing new takes on old classics to a parking lot or street corner near you!

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