Monday, July 11, 2011

Locations for the Week of 7/10-7/16

It's another busy week for the truck!
Tuesday 7/12:  Canyon County Courthouse in Caldwell for Lunch from 11:30-2:00pm.

Wednesday 7/13:  We'll give lunch at 6th and Broad another shot!  It was hot last week and we're hoping for some moderate temperatures!

Thursday 7/14:  We'll be back at WDS Global just off the corner of Maple Grove and Emerald for lunch from 10:30-3:00pm and we've got 2 evening gigs!  We'll be at The Boise Bike Project's Chandelier Auction held at Chandi Lighting Studio from 6-10pm.  Check out the flier for more details!  In addition to this, we will have a booth set up at The Meridian Urban Market cooking away.

Friday 7/15:  B29 Streatery will be serving lunch at 13th and Main from 11:30-2:30 then heading over to Payette Brewing Co on 33rd in Garden City for our 3-10ish spot.  After that it is back to downtown for late night at 5th and Main, the Addie's Parking Lot.

Saturday 7/16:  We're bummed that the Whitewater Festival is being moved.  It is now on Sunday and the float ride runs from Banks to Beehive on the Payette River north of Horseshoe Bend. 

The B29 Streatery will be at private caterings in the morning and afternoon of the 16th but will be at Sawtooth Winery for "Movie Night in the Vineyard" featuring Casablanca!  Following the movie we will be heading downtown for our 5th and Main session.

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