Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Fond Farewell...

Greetings my truckin' brethren,

It is time for me to say goodbye. It has been a rollercoaster year and I truly appreciate all the good times and antics that I was able to experience. I have been offered the Executive Chef position with a restaurant group in Boise and have accepted the position beginning April 1st. No, I am not giving any hints. If all goes well, there will be some sort of press release thingy around the 1st of May. If not, I moved to Thailand and will be leading the genre of pirated first run movies.

I leave you in good hands. Chef Dustan Bristol of Brick 29 Bistro will be taking a more active role in the truck's activities. We have applied for a great many of the summer events, including the Idaho Beer Festival, Canyon County Fair, Western Idaho Fair, Art in the Park, Eagle Island Days, Hyde Park Street Fair and a plethora of other events. All your favorite items will be there for your enjoyment.  My last hurrah will be the Treefort Music Festival this weekend at The Linen Building.

For private parties, caterings and whatnot, the best contact info is still  This email will be checked and replied to regularly.  We are currently in the process of streamlining and simplifying our booking process to get ready for the summer.

If you are in dire need of the limited entertainment value that I present, I will continue my blogging and twittering ways on the following: Twitter: glamm808 - Email: - Blog: To Be Determined.  Gotta check with the new owners of this fine property (me) if they want a fully sanctioned chef blog. Otherwise I will be blogging on the Downlow.  That's what it's called when you only have 40 followers.  I will probably be back on my personal Facebook since it will no longer be categorized as work.
Thank you again for everything and I hope to see some familiar faces at my new digs.

Greg Lamm, Former Anonymous Truck Blogger


  1. The pleasure has been all ours, Greg. You make our taste buds happy, and your blog is better than you give it credit for. :) Best luck in your mysterious new venture, don't be silent for too long , and ... take us with you! :)

  2. Thanks Tracy! Don't worry, I won't keep quiet for too long. Actually, I can't stay quiet. Completely incapable.

    Thanks Again!